Architectural requirements:
aesthetics and performance

Architectural requirements:
aesthetics and performance

Combining fire-safety requirements with aesthetics and comfort

Transparency and light

AGC offers glazing solutions that combine ever higher light-transmission performance levels with superb fire protection.

Pyrobel fire-resistant glazings provide a unique combination of light, transparency and fire protection for every type of building, frame and fire-resistance classes or duration. They let through maximum natural light, optimising visual comfort. Light-transmission levels are equivalent to float glass of the same thickness.

Pyrobel, Pyrobelite, Pyrobel-T and Pyropane glazings are available in extra-clear glass (Clearvision).

Partitions without mullions

Pyrobel Vision Line is the fire-resistant solution for elegant, fully glazed partitions. The mullions between the glass panels are replaced with thin translucent silicone joints.

Pyrobel Vision Line Corner is a variant that allows glazing to be installed edge to edge with surfaces at angles ranging from 90° to 180°.

Multifunctionality: insulation, decoration and high safety level

Pyrobel fire-resistant glazings can be combined with multiple functions: acoustic, thermal and/or aesthetic.

  • The base version of Pyrobel delivers acoustic insulation performance that outstrips that of traditional double glazing. Certified solutions are available to further improve the acoustic performance.
  • For more insulation, Pyrobel can be delivered in double and triple glazing. Thanks to the PVB interlayers of AGC, the solar and thermal insulation of the glass can be further reinforced.
  • We offer a range of decorative options for your fire-resistant glass: sandblasting, silk-screen printing, digital printing, addition of a coloured or opal film, or incorporation of blinds in the air space.

Pyrobel meets the need for high protection : the fire-resistant glass also protects from impacts (break-ins, falls). Safety products are multi-layered, often complex assemblies.

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Glass configurator

The technical data of the most common products can be found here. For technical data of other products you can go to the Glass Configurator, were you can compose your glass and compile detailed reports.

Large sizes tested and available

Pyrobel-T glass is a fire-resistant clear glass available in extra-large sizes up to 2 metres x 4.5 metres. The intumescent gel developed by AGC is one of the clearest and most stable gels on the market.

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