CE marking and DoP

CE marking and DoP

CE marking and Declaration of Performance

AGC's fire-resistant glazings and the products processed by its network of stockists all bear the CE marking. The CE marking must be indelibly, legibly and visibly affixed to the product itself. It ensures traceability and identifies the product and the processor.

The CE marking alone does not allow the most suitable product to be determined for the intended use. However, it does ensure that manufacturers or importers take responsibility for the declared performance and agree on the relevant product's compliance with all applicable European regulations.

Since 1 July 2013, all construction products bearing the CE marking must be accompanied by a Declaration of Performance (CE Marking – DoP). This document makes it possible to use the same criteria to compare the performance of various glazings with each other.

DoPs for the Pyrobel range of fire-protection glass can be viewed on the Yourglass website.