Pyropane toughened glazing is insensitive to UV radiation and has a high level of thermal shock resistance. This thin glass, which remains transparent in the event of a fire, is available in fire-resistance classes E and EW.


Facades: solar and thermal protection

In EW30 or EW60 double glazing, Pyropane offers as yet unrivalled performance for fire-protection glass in terms of thermal coefficient Ug and solar factor g. Pyropane has been tested in curtain walls.


If broken, the risk of injury is significantly lower because the glass breaks into small blunt pieces. Pyropane is a safety glass rated 1C1 pursuant to EN 12600.


Pyropane glazings provide perfect vision: they remain clear under all circumstances, are neither wired nor fibre-reinforced and have a high light transmission rating. Pyropane is also available in extra-clear glass (Clearvision).

Did you know?

AGC’s advanced coating technology makes it possible to use Pyropane in facades in addition to conventional insulating glass, without sacrificing aesthetics.

Pyropane is also an ideal smoke barrier, limiting the spread of fire effluents inside a building in case of fire.


  • Tested for classes E30, EW20, EW30 and EW60
  • Tested in horizontal applications
  • Suitable for outdoor use in double glazing
  • Suitable for indoor applications, especially partitions and doors
  • Rated DH30 pursuant to EN 12101-1: ideal for smoke barriers operating at high temperatures