Review of the Pyrobel range

Pyrobel(ite) is the most tested fire-rated glass in today’s market. It can deliver fire-resistance up to 120 minutes. Due to its high flatness and clear gel, it is hardly distinguished from ordinary laminated glass. The distribution through fixed processors, our stockists, provides unprecedented delivery times.

The Vision Line system is the fire-resistant solution for stylish, all-glass walls without mullions.

Pyrobel-T is the fire-resistant glass in XXL size: up to 2 metres wide and 4.5 metres high ! It provides an unrivalled light transmission.

Pyropane glass is the ideal choice for fixed smoke barriers.

Our service

Public buildings are busy places, with thousands of people working in or visiting them day in and day out. For such high-traffic structures fire-resistant glass is an absolute must, and we at AGC are keen to play an active role in making them safer than ever.

As such, we offer a comprehensive range of fire-resistant glazings, tested and approved in accordance with European and national standards. But our services are not limited to just manufacturing glass. Our qualified engineers provide specialist technical support, delivering customised solutions and advice tailored to the specific regulations in force.

Our thinking goes further than fire protection and provides a comprehensive approach that integrates all the relevant solutions of AGC.

Uses and applications

Pyrobel(ite) glazings are suitable for indoor or outdoor (EG type) use in all buildings covered by fire-protection regulations, including shopping centres and malls, airports, train and metro stations, offices, meeting rooms, museums, libraries, schools, sports complexes, hospitals, laboratories, retirement homes, industrial buildings, restaurants, hotels, concert halls and stadiums.

Pyrobel(ite) can be used in damp environments as long as a special edge tape is applied to protect the glass edges, making it a feasible solution in swimming pools, spas, relaxation centres, and so on.

Pyropane and Pyrobel-T fire-resistant glazings can also be used outdoors. Contact our team if you have questions about their application in damp environments.

Any questions about specific applications of our fire-resistant glazings?

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