Fire-resistance tests

Fire-resistance tests

Not just glass

Fire resistance pertains to a whole building element, not just one of its components. Therefore, its classification relates to the whole unit being tested, consisting of the glass with the frame (the glazed element). This means that tests must be tailored to the type of element involved. The requirements for testing a fire door are very different from those for testing a beam. Consequently, to be used as such, the performance of glass products and their environment must be documented in a test report.

Test reports

Approved laboratories conduct fire-resistance tests to classify glazed elements, with the element to be tested being placed in front of a furnace. For this, an element of the actual size or maximum possible size will be used. If the element passes the test, the results are documented in official test reports or certificate and the glazing solution can then be put on the market. In certain cases or localities, additional local requirements may apply. Every aspect of the structural work must be carried out in accordance with the test report.

The General Requirements (EN 1363-1) apply. Depending on the building element being tested, other specific test methods apply, in particular EN 1364-1 for doors, EN 1364-3 and -4 for facades and EN 1365-2 for floors and roofs.

Testing service

Did you know we propose our customers a fire-resistance testing service?

AGC's Fire-Resistant Glass Department can help customers with the validation of systems (glass partitions, windows, doors) by performing fire pre-tests in accordance with the test methods set out in EN 1363-1. AGC has multiple furnaces it uses specifically for this purpose.