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Pyrobel-T is the ideal XXL fire-resistant glass for airports, shopping centres and sports complexes. It is very clear and available in sizes up to 2 metres x 4.5 metres.



XXL size

The fire-resistant Pyrobel-T glass can be delivered in very large sizes.

Unequalled transparency

Pyrobel-T glasses have an exceptional light transmission.


In addition to its excellent fire resistance performance, Pyrobel-T provides resistance to impacts, water and UV rays.

Heat Soak Test on request

Many spontaneous breakages of tempered glass are caused by nickel sulphide inclusions (NiS). The Heat Soak Test (HST) excludes panes likely to suffer fracture. This test is available on request.

Did you know?

Pyrobel-T complies with all safety requirements: the glass is resistant to fire and to shocks. The process for manufacturing Pyrobel-T fire-resistant glass uses a special technology that produces sheets of toughened glass separated by a transparent gel. If a fire breaks out, the gel forms a barrier, reducing temperature and/or heat-radiation levels.


  • Unrivalled transparency (LT = 87%)
  • Technology available in XXL format (4.5 metres high)
  • Can be produced in all resistance classes:
    • EW: from 15 to 120 minutes
    • EI: from 15 to 60 minutes
  • UV, water and shock-resistant
  • Certified as 1B1 in accordance with EN 12600 classifying impact resistance and mode of breakage
  • Available in extra clear glass (Clearvision)
  • Can be combined with all AGC thermal insulation and solar protection coatings